Friday, October 11, 2013

鬼そば藤谷 Onisoba Fujitani: from taku-chan

It's quite popular for celebrities or comedians to produce their own restaurants in Japan. Some work, some don't. Onisoba is produced by one such comedian. His name is not actually Fujitani, but Taku-chan, comedian who specializes in impersonations. 

Most comedians will lend them name to the shop and step away back to the safety of TV land So you might imagine my surprise to see Taku-chan was working as the shop master!

I ordered the shio (salt) with a flavored egg.

Onisoba shio with egg (800yen)

I don't know why the bowls here are called onisoba. Oni means "devil" or "ogre" in Japanese, but this shop is known for its salt ramen.

The smell was the first thing I noticed as soon as the master brought me the bowl. The soup has a very good, distinct odor!

The noodles are outstanding. I was looking for information on the noodles while I was eating to find out their ingredients or source, but I couldn't find anything. The quality of the flour and water must be very good.

The broth is not too salty and is accented perfectly by yuzu and a pinch of sliced dried red pepper.

This is my first celebrity shop, mostly because these types of shops get really popular due to the owner's name, but quickly close once it's no longer fashionable to go. I usually don't like trendy shops like this.

But I could feel Taku-chan's strong motivation to make good ramen. I hope his passion isn't some passing trend.

Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Udagawacho 24-6 Shibu Bldg 5F
Closest stn: Shibuya

Open from 1130am-1030pm (closed Thursdays)


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