Thursday, February 13, 2014

北海道ラーメンおやじ Oyaji: machida miso

There are places that are colder, but Tokyo is still cold. Especially in February, where the most snow in 45 years was about to fall and blanket the city for days.

Few ramen options are better to beat the cold than a warm and creamy bowl of miso. Oyaji, way out in the Tokyo suburban enclave of Machida, is a trek, but worth it for perhaps the best miso in the Kanto area. 

Oyaji stir fries bean sprouts, cabbage, and onions in a wok along with their miso before making the ramen. You can watch the fiery action in the back.

Oyaji means "old man" in Japanese, and can be used in a variety of situations from a casual way to refer to dear old dad, to a description of the local ramen master. The Oyaji Set comes with a side of gyoza, but be careful, for it is a ton of food. 

The Oyaji Ramen, topped with stir fried vegetables and filled with egg noodles - typical of miso bowls and ideal for soaking up the stew. 

Oyaji-men (750yen)

Miso must have impact for its first bite, and Oyaji delivers with a sharp taste that spreads all over the mouth. But where most miso ramen lose their way after a few slurps, Oyaji's bowl tastes good until nearly the very end, with hints of corn and butter mingling with the miso and vegetables all the way through. 

I say nearly because even by the end it started to feel like a chore to finish this bowl of creamy potage noodle soup. Oyaji is an elite miso option, but only a trip to the miso ramen birthplace of Hokkaido will likely satisfy the true misoul.

Tokyo, Machida City, Nakamichi 1-19-1
Closest stn: Machida

Open from 1130-1230am


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