Thursday, September 25, 2014

八雲 Yakumo: sexy evil (wonton) genius

What wonderful weather for walking around! Tokyo is ready for autumn.

Hearts and I wanted to have something clean and smooth. Yakumo, famous for their wonton ramen, fit the bill. It even has a smooth interior with cool jazz music. The clientele was also diverse, the counter filled with couples, young guys, middle-aged women, and of course, us.

While the soup base is a shoyu, you can choose the strength of the soup. "Shiro" is a very light shoyu, almost like a shio. "Kuro" is deeper and blacker. The "Mix" is the one to choose: a little from column A, a little from column B. I always order a "Half" wonton bowl, with equal portions of pork and shrimp wontons. I like half :)

Tokusei wontonmen half (mixed (880yen)

The smell is stimulating and the thin-but-firm noodles are beautiful.

They provide a great contrast to the wontons, whose silky skin just melts in your mouth. The pork wontons are a little better than the shrimp, but both should be ordered and devoured. Who was the first person to combine wontons with ramen? I always thought that was a genius idea. Whoever that person is, I want to kiss him (or her) on the lips.

The chashu here is also really surprising good. Soft, chewy, with great savory flavor. Nearly every component of this bowl is outstanding.

Nearly everything, since the menma was extremely salty and generally mediocre. I almost wanted to tell them, since everything else about Yakumo is perfect. They seem to get better with every visit.

Tokyo, Meguro-ku, Ohashi 1-7-2
Closest stn: Ikejiri-Ohashi

Open from 1130am-330pm (open for dinner from 5-9pm on weekends, closed Tuesday)


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