Friday, November 14, 2014

ちよだ Chiyoda: stranger than paradise

Most people don't venture much farther than Matsudo for Chiba ramen. But there is indeed good stuff to be had beyond Tomita, in the fields of Chiba.

See: Chiyoda, a no-frills ramen diner with a rare outdoor eating area, usually occupied by students from the local university.

Chiyoda has a solid shio...

Shio ramen (750yen)

...but their claim to fame is their Tokyo-style shoyu.

Chuka soba (700yen)

With heavy inspiration from Taishoken, this bowl is big, hot, and rich in niboshi goodness. The top is covered in scallions and the noodles have that Eifukucho Taishoken soft, chewy goodness.

For added depth, the bowl has bits of yuzu peel to give it a citrus zest. 

Not sure if this is worth the hassle of a destination drive, but if you just happen to be lost in Chiba, Chiyoda is worth stopping in and taking in the local charm. For some reason, this place reminds me of a dive that would fit right at home in a Jim Jarmusch movie. A little bit of sweetness in the midst of fields and mundane sprawl.

Chiba, Kashiwa, Sakasai 239-1
Closest stn: Sakasai

Open from 1130am-230pm and 6-9pm (open all day on weekends, closed Mondays)


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