Friday, June 5, 2015

平右衛門 Heiemon: gimme shelter

After an exhausting day of work, ramen is my shelter.

Heiemon is located in a quiet, residential part of outer Tokyo that also happens to have a high notch count of good ramen shops.

The master uses nama shoyu, or "raw soy sauce" for the soup. What is raw soy sauce? It's actually soy sauce that hasn't been pasteurized, so the wild yeast of the soy beans gives the sauce more flavor than your average soy blend.

Nama shoyu ramen (700yen)

The smell of the soup is expectedly soft, and the thin noodles catch its flavor to create great harmony.

The chashu here is also noteworthy - two different cuts of pork, what seems to be the belly and the loin. And a beautiful flavored egg. This is good, clean, pure ramen.

For some reason, I was the only customer that day, but this should be a more popular shop. It might not be worth a special trip, but it's must-try if you have a day planned in the area.

Tokyo, Koganeishi, Higashi-Koganei 4-43-12
Closest stn: Higashi-Koganei

Open from 11am-3pm and 530-10pm (closed Thursdays)


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