Monday, August 3, 2015

麺屋花形 Hanagata: star of the giants

Way out in the sticks of Kashiwa, with nary an ocean in sight, lies a big shop that specializes in fishy soup.

Hanagata's signature bowl is a triple fish blend shoyu.

Gyokai shoyu ramen (780yen)

This is a bold bowl with thick, curly noodles that sop up the strong, smoky broth...

...which tastes and looks like a grungier Taishoken.

Lots of people were ordering the mazesoba, but if you're looking for a "healthier" option, there's a vegetable ramen as well.

Seabura yasai ramen (850yen)

As usual for "vegetable ramen," this one is filled with pork in a fat-laden miso broth. There are probably only a handful of vegan ramens in Japan, and this ain't one of them. Definitely opt for extra chashu - it's lean, smoked, and has great char flavor.

Hanagata is another Chiba shop that's most accessible by car or bike, especially in this heat. It's also another shoyu that packs a punch. It's worth the drive.

Chiba, Kashiwa City, Shin-Kashiwa 4-10-5
Closest stn: Shin-Kashiwa (about a 15 min walk)

Open from 11am-9pm (closed Tuesdays and 3-530pm on weekdays)


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