Wednesday, November 20, 2013

ばふ Buff: commando

You might have noticed that lots of shops are using chicken for their soup. Bafu, or "Buff," is no stranger to these trends, but their shop is special.

Bafu creates a bowl that uses all natural ingredients, even down to the water!

Jukusei awarei-men with egg (800yen)

What a beautiful bowl. The soup is light and clear, but incredibly deep, with accents of yuzu pepper. For relaxing times, this is definitely the bowl to do the job.

Thin noodles with light soup are getting more popular, and Bafu's noodles really match their broth. The noodles felt smooth gliding down my throat.

And the toppings were delicious. Look at this seasoned egg!

Ramen is known for being greasy junk food for overweight salarymen or otaku, but there are so many great ramen shops like Bafu where the ramen isn't unhealthy at all. This bowl is, in fact, a very balanced meal. Ramen is constantly rewriting its own public image, becoming healthier and more refined in the process. I like where this is going.

Tokyo, Koganei City, Honcho 2-6-10
Closest stn: Musashi Koganei

Open from 11am-11pm (closed 3-5pm)


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