Friday, November 22, 2013

蓮嘉 Renge: lonely island [CLOSED]

I usually only come to Umegaoka for one reason and one reason only, and that is for my favorite value sushi spot. I'm loathe to name it because it's already crowded enough, but their all-you-can-eat special always has me returning and braving the hour-long lines.

But I've been wanting to check out more of Setagaya's shops. This is my stomping ground, after all.

Renge was close and I wasn't in the mood to take multiple trains for lunch.

The outside is quaint, but the inside was deathly quiet. A little too quiet...

Renge specializes in a stock blend of chicken and seafood -what's called a "double soup" (FYI, "triple soups" with pork are pretty normal, and now there are shops that have begun churning out four-stock blends with beef bones).

Ramen (700yen)

My good friend joined me on this day off to try their all-chicken tori paitan.

Tori-paitan with flavored egg (850yen)

These bowls were solid contributors to their field, but are probably not worthy of any special trips. They lacked any elements that would have made them more memorable. Possibly the taste was soured by the fact that we ate our bowls in total silence, like an extreme version of the silent-booth Ichiran. Not one person entered the shop while we were there, and the master came in and out of the shop while we were eating. A sad sign.

Renge is literally right next door to competitor Busho, and I was tempted to go in to their more lively and seemingly more appetizing shop instead. Another trip to Umegaoka for something other than sushi might be in order.

Tokyo, Setagaya-ku, Umegaoka 1-9-11, Umegaoka Copo 1F
Closest Stn: Umegaoka

Open from 1130am-9pm (closed 3-5pm and on Tuesdays)


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