Wednesday, January 29, 2014

らあめん渋秀 Shibu Hide: shibuya late night slurps 1

If you ever find yourself missing a train in Shibuya…actually, never mind. If you're out in Shibuya late at night, you're likely going to miss a train. This might lead to camping out in front of the Family Mart, drinking cheap chuhai until morning, or singing/sleeping in a karaoke booth until the first train home.

But when it's this cold, there are warmer options. The options in Shibuya tend to be porky, fatty soups, perfect for soaking up all that alcohol in your bloodstream that has outlived its purpose. And if you're an intrepid ramen loving spirit, you can make an entire night of visiting a handful of them.

Shibu Hide is the Shibuya branch of the famed Hide-chan ramen chain. It's a spacious outfit, with two floors of drunken revelers turned silent, slurping customers. They serve up a solid, if simple, tonkotsu ramen.

Ramen (700yen)

Nothing fancy here. Just your typical Hakata-style thin noodles (custom made to your desired firmness), a couple slices of chashu, chopped green onions, soaking in a milky white pork bone broth.

Its hours and location, just steps away from the Shibuya Inokashira line, is perfect for that bowl before the last (or first) train. It's also not too large, in case you want another bowl…

Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Dogenzaka 2-4-5
Closest stn: Shibuya

Open from 11pm-3am (and until 6am on weekends)


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