Friday, April 11, 2014

ななふく Nanafuku: a scene by the sea

While I was writing about Kiraku the other day, my mouth started watering. I started craving wanton ramen while I was writing about Kiraku's bowl. I couldn't control myself, and I suddenly remembered there was a small ramen shop near my office that seats 10 customers. I immediately left my post after I finished writing and headed to Nanafuku.

The wanton-men looks beautiful, and the soup tastes like the sea.

Wonton-men (800yen)

Apparently, this soup is made from scallops, giving it a rich and briny flavor. The wantons are also incredibly juicy...

...but I was more surprised by the smooth and elastic noodles. I wondered to myself between slurps, how on earth can someone create noodles as beautifully silky as these?

Fluttering wantons, bouncy noodles, and for the finishing touches, a shoyu flavored soup from the sea. And yet it all feels like a bowl from home. Amazing.

From now on, whenever I'm tired and irritated from job and looking to punch someone in the face, I'll know that this ramen will be the best cure for my body and soul.

Tokyo, Koganeishi Honcho 5-15-9
Closest stn: Musashi Koganei

Open from 1130am-3pm and 6-11pm


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