Thursday, April 3, 2014

東京ラーメンストリート店 麺や七彩: Tokyo Ramen Street's Shichisai [CLOSED]

Okay, I promised we would review the new shops on the Tokyo Ramen Street, but after a couple solid but solidly overpriced bowls, I had to go back to what brought me to the Street the first time.

Shichisai 麺や七彩

This is actually Shichisai's second branch, but the first one is way out in Toritsukasei, so when I want my Shichisai fill, I come here.

Shichisai makes a deep and deeply satisfying Kitakata style bowl (see here if you're interested in Kitakata and their delicious bowls of curly ramen and horse meat). Every element of this bowl comes together for soothing nourishment.

Tokusei Kitakata ramen

While you wait, the noodles are pounded right in front of your eyes…

…with just the right amount of chew and bite. These are hearty noodles to balance the light but flavorful soup. Supposedly the shop uses no additives or MSG, so to achieve this level of flavor using all-natural ingredients is amazing (for my internal organs).

You're also fed two types of chashu pork - bara (belly) and momo (thigh). Both are delicious, but the thigh meat is so flavorful you'll regret not getting a chashumen with extra cuts of meat.

There's just nothing wrong with this bowl. The egg is gooey and delicious. Even the thin slices of menma work perfectly with the thick and chewy noodles.

At night, Shichisai turns into Tokyo Miso Ramen Edo-ama, which turns out a mean bowl of miso supplied with totally different ingredients. It's also excellent, but deserves its own review.

Shichisai is one of those shops that demand repeat visits. They have limited-edition bowls as well, and came out with a one-day luxurious bowl of foie gras ramen for their 7th anniversary. How I wish I had that bowl.

But there are many more to come.

Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku Marunouchi 1-9-1 Tokyo Ramen Street
Closest stn: Tokyo

Open from 730-11pm (morning ramen until 11am, miso ramen from 5pm)


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