Friday, September 4, 2015

BASSOドリルマン Drill-Man: tengen toppa ramen

It's still hot and humid, making it still the season of tsukemen for us.

The drill boys at Basso do a good one, with a ramen that will pierce the heavens.

Tsukemen chumori (800yen)

Definitely some influence from Ikebukuro Taishoken, where the owners trained, but with a broth that packs a much stronger punch.

It's still light, however, and pairs well with the fantastic homemade noodles. Very chewy and comes in portions of 200-600g (I settled in-between with 400g).

Not to be outdone, the Aburasso is also a nice summer alternative.

Aburasso (800 yen)

There were a surprising amount of young ladies in the shop ordering this. Lots of oil, fat, meat, noodles, and spices, and you can even get a soup wari for it, the first I've ever seen.

Basso has another branch nearby that serves up more traditional ramen. We'll be there.

Tokyo, Toshima-ku, Nishi-Ikebukuro 2-9-7
Closest stn: Mejiro

Open from 1130am-9pm (closed Mondays)


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  1. Been there. My favorite. Get the extra chashu side that painstakingly bbqued to order.