Friday, February 19, 2016

味噌屋麺四朗 Misoya Menshiro: plains wanderer

Nagoya is most well-known for their Taiwan ramen, but on this trip I only had time for a couple bowls with family. Nagoya is also known for big ramen restaurants that fit big groups of people. Menshiro is no different, though their specialty is in serving up miso styles from all over Japan. Since I went with a big family, we got to try all the styles.

Hokkaido (potatoes, extra broiled chashu)...

Kyushu (satsuma-age fried fish cake, extra chashu, butter)...

Shinshu (mountain greens)

Edomae (sauteed clams, nori)...

Tantanmen (spicy oil, minced meat)...

Mazemen (fresh vegetable tempura)...

I wish these were actually noticeably different, but other than the mazemen, most just use the same soup and noodles with some added condiments or spices. That's not necessarily a bad thing, as the basic miso is good stuff, and the huge list of toppings are a nice bonus that you usually only find in an udon shop. The various extras give a nice visual and flavorful variation on the standard procedure.

Always expect a wait here; the parking lot is always full of cars.

Aichi, Chita-shi, Yawata Sasahazama 12-31
Closest stn: Tatsumigaoka

Open from 11am-230pm and 5-11pm (closed Tuesdays)


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