Friday, May 20, 2016

松戸中華そば 富田食堂 Tomita Shokudo: diner

Matsudo is synonymous with Tomita, the highest rated "rich style" tsukemen in Japan. But another Tomita exists in its shadow: a tiny 7-seat counter that serves up a mean niboshi chukasoba.

Chukasoba with egg (medium 850yen)

Open from morning to the middle of the night, Tomita Shokudo is the more accessible, late-night ramen diner version of Tomita (shokudo is Japanese for "cafeteria). They serve a morning ramen, a mid-day "thick" tsukemen, and an ultra fatty bowl after 8pm. Their trademark chukasoba is rich and salty and littered with chopped scallions in the vein of Nagi's sardine laden funk, with a signature pile of wakame seaweed that is more commonly found in cafeteria ramen bowls (hence the shop name). Hand picked and chewy, this is solid chew that cuts some of overly salty soup.

The handmade noodles of medium thickness are expectedly excellent, but the chashu deserves special mention - grilled right in front of you so that the smells permeate the shop, this is particularly tender and juicy meat. Apparently they've gone through several different chashu incarnations, all of which present a fresh take on grilled pork.

The same attention to detail, care for customers, and homey feel translates to Tomita's sister shop, with slightly more manageable lines (think 15 minutes versus 2+ hours).

Chiba, Matsudo-shi, Matsudo 1240-3
Closest stn: Matsudo

Open from 7-2am (open from 10am on Wednesdays)


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