Tuesday, September 17, 2013

どらいち Dora-ichi: tan-tampopo

I'm an English-studying nerd at Temple University in Azabu Juban. I've been meaning to try out the tantanmen shop nearby. Every time I passed by, the plastic food samples out front made me salivate. How great is Japan's plastic food sample industry? Are they the greatest unsung artists in the world?

I had to come here twice in order to try their tantanmen both with and without soup.

Shirunashi tantanmen (1000yen)

The soupless tantanmen is a beautiful bowl. Mix up all the ingredients and it's ready to eat. You can really taste the sweetness of the ground meat and the noodles have a nice, elastic texture to them. They use a bit too much green onion, which irritated my nose.

Shiruari tantanmen (1000yen)

The regular tantanmen was also very good. The soup is creamy, but too overly so. Personally, I prefer this bowl.

Azabu Juban has luxurious image, but this shop is very welcoming to all stripes of customer.

Tokyo, Minamiazabu, 2-12-5
Closest stn: Azabu Juban

Open from 1130am-1030pm (closed Mondays)


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