Friday, September 6, 2013

Fine-Tuned Ramen with Music Bee Hive: ramen jive

I just came back from summer vacation in Hawaii and needed a smooth ramen after my stomach had been saturated with greasy American food. Bee Hive is in an unpopulated residential area of normally busy Roppongi, and is one of those limited shops open only for lunch on the weekdays.

When I tried to enter the shop, I initially thought it was the wrong place because the inside looked like a live house, so I pushed Hearts into the shop (sorry Hearts). It turns out Bee Hive is a bar that serves liquor to happening salarymen at night, but serves up steaming bowls of ramen and good music to brooding salarymen during the day. A unique concept to concentrate on your ramen in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

The menu and shop apparently underwent a renovation. I ordered a gentle shoyu with niboshi (dried sardines).

Niboshi shoyu ramen (750yen)

The first sip tasted strongly of dried sardines, but with no harsh or bitter aftertaste. The noodles were also surprisingly flavorful, going well with the soup.

Hearts ordered the heartier tonkotsu shoyu, a tonkotsu broth blended with...shoyu.

Tonkotsu shoyu ramen (750yen)

This was surprisingly rich, almost like a creamy porcini mushroom soup.

It's just a tad salty, and would probably go well with alcohol, though I wouldn't know since I don't drink.

Any music lovers and ramen lovers would feel at home at a place like this, like bees to honey.

I'd like to check out a live performance here some time. There were autographs on the wall, and lots of flyers and posters of mostly Japanese bands.

Tokyo, Minato-ku, Roppongi 7-11-10
Closest stn: Roppongi

Open from 1130am-230pm Monday-Friday

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